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nero-chiro-rehab-coverOne of the greatest added benefits of receiving treatment at our facility is our state-of-the-art NeuroRehab Center which is staffed with our highly trained and efficient physical therapists and their physical therapy assistants. The NeuroRehab Center is a specialized department that works hand-in-hand with the clinical centers at the NeuroMedical Institute (NMI) to aid patients with disabilities, limitations, various disorders, and especially lower back and neck pain. Many of our patients that are involved in automobile accidents require physical therapy and rehabilitation to aid in improvement of their pain and brining them back to their normal life. Rather than solely relying on one individual clinical treatment, our center is multimodal and multidisciplinary holistic care that takes into account a patient’s entire well being along with considering possible conjunctive therapies which is often a key to the best results.