Spine Injections for Pain Management

//Spine Injections for Pain Management

Spine Injections for Pain Management

Dealing with any type of pain can be a huge challenge. As anyone who has dealt with pain in or around their spine understands, it is something that affects their entire life. Every single movement that we make is controlled by our back. Even something as simple as sneezing or coughing can become unbearable if a person has pain in this area.

The spine is extremely complicated, as are the muscles that work around the spine. So there are a wide number of reasons why a person can have back pain. Some of the most common reasons for back pain include a muscle strain and a herniated disc.

In some instances, physical therapy is all that a person needs in order to eliminate their back pain. In other instances, the source of the pain can be so complicated that surgery may be required. Of course, sometimes the side effects of the surgery are just as bad as the initial pain.

As such, our team at The NeuroMedical Institute often recommends spine injections for pain management. In many cases, these injections can provide a higher level of pain relief than oral medications can. This is because they are delivered directly to the part of the body that is creating the pain. Depending on the source of the back pain and the location of the injection, some individuals will experience pain relief that is long-lasting and immediate, while others will experience pain relief that is just temporary.

Interestingly, spine injections can also be used to help our team determine which part of the back is actually generating the pain. As an example, if a certain injection is given and a patient feels immediate yet temporary relief afterwards, our expert might be able to diagnose that the specific region where the injection is given is the source of the pain. However, if there is no pain relief, then our team can infer that the pain is not coming from a particular joint, but it might be radiating or transferred from a different part of the spine.

Spine injections on their own may not be enough for our team to make a definitive decision. However, when coupled with a patient’s history, physical exams and medical imagery, these injections can serve as a helpful diagnostic tool.

Spine injections can drastically minimize the inflammation that is associated with a lot of back conditions. At times, it is the inflammation and the pressure that the inflammation is putting on the nerves that can cause the pain. Interestingly, sometimes injecting the affected area with an epidural injection can actually flush out or remove inflammatory proteins that might be causing pain.

Many individuals have enjoyed the benefits of spine injections at The NeuroMedical Institute in Panama City. Whether the pain relief is temporary or permanent, it has allowed them to get back to their normal routine in life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about how these injections can offer you pain relief.

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