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I have been coming to Dr. Hammad for 2 yrs now. He is absolutely the best pain doctor I have ever been to. He truly does care about his patients. He does everything that he can to help you. From being patient with you to finding the right medicine and dosage for you, to trying every procedure at his disposal to help you get comfortable and lead as much a normal life as is possible. I have had several pain doctors over the years and Dr. Hammad is by far the most caring and most understanding doctor I have had yet. I recommend and suggest to anyone that has a neuro problem or just needs pain management to come see Dr. Hammad and his staff. I truly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found Dr. Hammad.

D. Sullivan

Dr. Hammad is a great doctor; his staff is always friendly and polite. I’m always well taken care of. I’m so glad I was sent to this pain clinic. If I have any questions all I have to do is call or ask. Thanks for being a great staff and Doctor.

P. Coone

Twenty-two years ago I had a serious accident. It resulted in me having numerous surgeries on my spine. I went to a lot of doctors till one day I walked in to Dr. Hammad’s office. He was very professional, courteous, and caring. He didn’t treat me like just another person walking in for pain medication. He listened to me, spent the time to get to the cause of my pain. Since I have been to his office I am doing so much better managing my pain. He has an excellent staff, courteous and sweet and I refer all my friends to him. Thank you so much Dr. Hammad for everything.

M. Conn

After surgery I was referred to Dr. Hammad for pain management. From day one, the staff as well as Dr. Hammad has been courteous as well as caring and concerned for my personal well-being. At any time a problem has arose, he and his staff have willing gotten me into the office in a timely manner. I feel a personal relationship has developed opposed to strictly a name in a file. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for exceptional and personalized care.

G. Merritt