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The NeuroImaging Center

The NIC is a specialized department that provides state-of-the-art medical imaging and diagnostics including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, digital x-ray and two fluoroscopy suites. In particular, our MRI technology with high Tesla field (0.7) Excite GE, truly OPEN system provides the Institute with high resolution imaging right onsite. This helps clinicians diagnose and treat patients more quickly and accurately without adding unnecessary steps. The system is open allowing claustrophobic patients to be able to tolerate the study without compromising the quality of the image as in low field open MRIs in the area.

Our brand new high-resolution ultrasound system produces studies such as carotid dopplers, echocardiogram, venous Dopplers, and transcranial, thyroid, abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds.

Our new digital x-ray capacity and fluoroscopy suites allow us additional specialized diagnostic capacity on the premises. This is in particular important when urgent studies are required. Being digital allows us to inport the images directly into the patients’ charts

Many clinics have to send patients to off-premises care facilities to accomplish this kind of testing, costing patients time, and adding complexity to diagnosis, scheduling and communication. Conversely, one of the points of emphasis at the Institute is making the process of receiving appropriate medical care easier on each patient by providing a full spectrum of services, diagnostics and therapies in one location.

The NeuroImaging Center Department Services

  • High field open MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray