Treating Migraine Headaches with Abortive Therapy

//Treating Migraine Headaches with Abortive Therapy

Treating Migraine Headaches with Abortive Therapy

Just about every person on the planet has had to deal with a headache at some point in their life. Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of triggers ranging from muscle tension to dehydration. Anyone who has had a headache understands how frustrating and debilitating it can be.

However, the pain and frustration that an individual experiences when they have a headache pales in comparison to the experience of having a migraine. Migraine headaches can be so powerful that they affect a person’s ability to see, hear and speak coherently. When a person experiences a migraine, common everyday things such as light, sound and smells can become nightmarish.

For some people, migraine headaches happen once in a great while. For others, they are a part of their everyday life. They may experience migraines multiple days every single month. Their problem is chronic.

Due to the pain, frustration and reduction in quality of life associated with migraines, medical professionals are examining a wide range of treatment options. Some migraine treatments involve abortive therapy. Usually, patients who have chronic migraine pain will need a combination of different forms of treatment in order to see any improvement in their condition.

Abortive treatments have the goal of stopping or reversing a headache once it has already started. If a patient has acute attacks, they usually respond better to abortive therapy. Abortive therapy can go a long way in improving the quality of life that a patient experiences.

The first step in migraine treatment is to diagnose the migraine. In addition to identifying where the pain is, our team will try to assess the severity of the migraine. They will also assess the disability that the migraine causes the patient. Another step is to educate the patient on what they can do once the migraine has begun to minimize the pain, help the patient understand triggers for their migraine and teach the patient preventative measures to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Individual management and stratified care are usually the final stages of migraine treatment.

It is important for individuals with chronic migraine headaches to be checked for any cardiovascular problems. Migraines can drastically increase the risk of a cardiovascular incident. For this reason, if a migraine sufferer is identified as having heart problems, these heart problems should be addressed in an aggressive way.

Dealing with migraine headaches is a very difficult thing. Migraines can drastically diminish a person’s quality of life. Thankfully, abortive therapy at The NeuroMedical Institute has helped many migraine sufferers get the relief they need to continue living a normal life. Our office is located in Panama City.

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