What is Neurological Pain?

//What is Neurological Pain?

What is Neurological Pain?

Neurological pain happens when there are problems with the signals that are produced by your nerves. Neurological pain has a lot of causes, and this can be one of the reasons why it is so difficult for some physicians to identify and treat the pain.

Some nerve pain comes as the result of an injury, a burn, constant pressure on a certain point and other trauma. When you are dealing with this type of pain, common painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs do not help out a lot. You will likely benefit from treatment at The NeuroMedical Institute.

It is important to differentiate neurological pain from nociceptive pain. Nociceptive pain is pain that every single person on the planet has had at one point or another. This pain stems from actual damage to your tissues. So, when you cut yourself, you burn yourself or you crush a part of the body, it will produce pain. All of this is nociceptive pain. The reason why you feel this type of pain is because the nerve endings in the damaged area have become agitated and are sending pain signals to your brain. This type of pain is usually sharp and aching. Traditional painkillers tend to work for this.

Neurological pain happens because you have a problem with your nerves. Something is messing with the way that your nerves are sending pain messages to your brain. This type of pain is described as a burning sensation or a stabbing, shooting or aching sensation. Some have even equated it with an electric shock.

Depending on the source of the pain, it may become worse with touch or stimulus. Many individuals who have neurological pain are not able to handle a simple touch or a simple stimulus that normally would not cause pain.

For some individuals, the sensations are so bad that they get painful feelings even when there’s nothing touching them and when there is no stimulus at all. They are left with that electrical shock sensation for no reason.

One of the worst things about having neurological pain is the way that it affects you mentally and emotionally. It is not uncommon for individuals dealing with this type of pain to fight with bouts of depression.

The depression comes from the pain, and the depression also comes from the fact that since no one else can see the pain that you are in, they have a hard time understanding what you are experiencing. They may think that you are exaggerating your pain or that your pain is a cry for attention. What these individuals do not understand is that you live every single day with pain that is so severe that for most people, it would leave them hiding in bed.

Neurological pain can be a challenge to deal with. Thankfully, there are many pain management treatments available at The NeuroMedical Institute that can help an individual manage the pain they are dealing with. We are experts when it comes to neurological pain. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Panama City.


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